Kitty Communications

Do you have a chatty cat? Or does your kitty only meow on occasion? Our feline friends are all unique, and they all have their own purrsonalities. Some cats are quite the little chatterboxes, while others just don’t have much to say. But even if your furry buddy is quiet, she’s likely still communicating with you in her own way. Below, a Lansing, MI vet discusses kitty communication.


Cats are full of interesting quirks. One thing that may (or may not) be surprising to learn is the fact that kitties may very well have started meowing just to boss us around. Adult felines rarely meow at each other: they usually communicate through body language. When we first became friends with Fluffy, she earned her keep by hunting, but it probably didn’t take her long to realize that we have a hard time resisting her adorable requests for dinner. (It’s probably safe to say that the fact that our furry friends’ meows often sound like babies’ cries is no coincidence.)

Kitty Chats

Fluffy can make over 100 different sounds. (We’re pretty sure that about 90 of them are direct commands, but that’s another topic.) Some furballs sound rather squeaky, while others tend to chirp, grumble, or yell. Of course, not all kitties are very talkative. Some felines just don’t meow much at all. However, even quiet cats often appreciate being spoken to, so feel free to talk to your pet, even if she doesn’t respond.

Body Language

Feline body language is both interesting and adorable. For instance, although a lashing tail is generally a sign of an angry furball, if Fluffy is just twitching her tail, it may just mean that she’s alert. And while your pet may flick her ears back slightly if she is annoyed, if your feline buddy is truly angry, she’ll completely flatten her ears. Of course, kitties like to keep their people guessing, which is one reason they are such fun pets. Fluffy may beg to be picked up one minute, only to decide she didn’t want to be held after all. However, if your furry pal flops over onto her back and exposes her belly, she’s letting you know she trusts you. Slow blinking is another cute and quirky sign of kitty affection.

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