Cat Care Hacks

Do you have a kitty? Our feline pals have many great traits that have helped make them such beloved and popular pets. Fluffy’s cute furry face, adorable meows, and lovable quirks are all wonderful qualities. Another great thing about cats is that they are pretty easy to care for. That said, it never hurts to learn a few new tricks! Read on as a local Lansing, MI vet offers some great cat care hacks.

Fur Removal

Try using a squeegee to get Fluffy’s fur off carpets and upholstery. A damp sponge or a rubber dish glove will also work. To get pet fur off your clothes, add a little vinegar to the wash.

Hammock Bed

You can make a cute kitty hammock out of an end table with four legs and a piece of material. Just cut the material so it’s a bit smaller than the tabletop, and attach the corners to the legs. Voila!

No More Presents

Does your kitty have a habit of leaving ‘gifts’ on your doorstep? If you have a furry little hunter on your hands, put a little bell on Fluffy’s collar. We recommend getting a breakaway collar, for safety purposes. (Note: we also recommend keeping cats indoors, which is much safer.)

Spill Containment

Some cats have a habit of taking the food out of their bowls and eating off the floor. Put a large tray or placement under Fluffy’s dinner dishes.

Keeping Kitty Cool

Summertime heat can be rough on kitties. Drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s bowl on really hot days. Since Fluffy’s paw pads help regulate her temperature, she also may enjoy playing ice cube hockey.


Is your feline buddy using your things as a manicure station? If your kitty is scratching a chair or sofa, put clear two-sided tape on it. To protect a door or wall, hang a sheet of thick plastic on it. These things won’t show, but Fluffy won’t like the textures.

Carrier Love

Many cats only see their carriers when it’s time to go for a car ride, which rank right below baths for Fluffy’s least favorite thing. Leave your kitty’s carrier out, and add toys and bedding to it. This will help your furball form a better impression of her carrier.

Please contact us, your Lansing, MI animal hospital, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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