Doggy Training Tips

It’s that time of year again: summer is winding down, and the kids are heading back to school. Does your canine buddy need to work on his petiquette? If so, maybe Fido should go back to school as well! Read on as a Lansing, MI vet offers some helpful dog training tips.

Basic Furriculum

Every dog should know basic obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. Teach your pup one of these at a time. Make sure Fido has each one down before moving on.

Higher Education

Once your four-legged friend has the basics mastered, consider teaching him additional commands. Leave It is a very useful one, and is a great way to stop Fido from picking things up off the ground. Our canine pals can also learn to pick their toys up, turn lights off and on, or even fetch specific objects! Of course, you can also just teach your furry buddy cute tricks. Shake, Roll Over, and Sing will never stop being adorable!

Pawsitive Thoughts

Only work with your canine friend when you are feeling cheerful. Fido is very astute, and may become uneasy about training if he senses that you are in a bad mood.

Class Schedule

Dogs don’t have very long attention spans. Fido may focus on his lessons for a few minutes, but before long, he’ll start daydreaming about squirrels, belly rubs, or bacon. Keep sessions short and sweet, about 10-15 minutes at a time.

Report Cards

If you offer Fido a progress report with a gold star, he’ll probably either try to eat it, or just do that adorable head tilt dogs do when they’re confused. Treats are a much better way to reward your canine companion for doing well. Use small snacks, like pieces of kibble or cut up hot dogs. That way, you won’t inadvertently overfeed your furry student. Of course, ear scritches and compliments also work.


Patience, consistency, and repetition are all crucial to proper dog training. Be sure to use the same phrasing each time: otherwise, you may confuse your furry pupil. Also, never punish your pooch for not picking things up quickly enough. Just focus on the positive, and reward Fido for doing well.

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