DIY Bunny Toys

Do you have a bunny? If so, you’ve chosen an adorable pet! Bunnies make wonderful pets, and they can be both lovable and fun. One thing that is very important to your furry pal’s health and happiness is providing her with plenty of suitable playthings, including lots of chew toys. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much on keeping Floppy’s toybox full. There are lots of great things you can make out of common household items. A local Lansing, MI vet lists some great DIY bunny toys below.

Obstacle Course

Bunnies love to hop and jump. Use boxes, footstools, and perhaps an ottoman to make a little ‘hopstacle’ course for your cute pet.


Many common cardboard items can be upcycled into great bunny toys. The tubes from toilet paper or cardboard rolls are one good example. You can cut them into rings, and reassemble them in the shape of a little ball. You can also make them into pyramids, or put several into a shoebox or cardboard box.


There are many ways that you can turn plain paper into toys for your adorable pet. Shred several sheets, and put the shreds in a shoebox or tissue box. You can also make little shapes for Floppy to nibble on.

Wooden Items

Bunnies need to chew quite a bit to keep their teeth from growing too long. Many wooden items, such as spoons, children’s blocks, and plates, make great chew toys. You can also give your pet clean branches from safe trees, such as apple trees.

Treat Toys

Make Floppy’s playtime even more fun by incorporating yummy snacks. You can crumple a piece of paper up around a tasty tidbit, or stuff a paper lunch bag with fresh hay or herbs. Another option is to string twine between two chairs, and then use wooden clothespins to hang leafy greens from it. Just be sure to choose only safe, suitable treats. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Never give your furry buddy anything with small parts, sharp edges, or dangling ropes. You also want to avoid items covered in decorative substances, like varnish, paint, or dye. Don’t give Floppy anything made of pine or cedar, which are toxic to bunnies. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Lansing, MI animal hospital, for all of your bunny’s veterinary care need. We are here to help!

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