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Office Manager

Veterinarians were Jess’s heroes while she was growing up—after all, they made her best friends feel better. Jess has been interested in the field of veterinary medicine for as long as she can remember, and she’s thrilled to work firsthand with veterinary professionals and loving pet owners alike as the Office Manager of Patterson Veterinary Hospital!

Originally from Dansville, Michigan, Jess was heavily involved in the 4H club while growing up and spent a lot of time showing horses, which helped spark her love of animal care. She attended Lansing Community College before transferring to Baker College to study veterinary technology. Before long, she started taking more classes in the business and human resources fields, which she found she had quite the knack for. Jess finished her degree just as the Office Manger position was opening up here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital, and she’s happily filled the role since 2009.

One of Jess’s favorite parts of her job—aside from getting to spend time with puppies and kittens nearly every day—is working to develop new protocols and procedures for the clinic. If she can make everyone’s job easier, she knows she’s done her part! Jess also enjoys working alongside her fellow staff members in an environment where everyone’s strengths are highlighted.

Jess is an avid music fan and enjoys playing the mandolin and listening to bluegrass in her spare time. She also hopes to pick up the guitar in the future. Jess and her husband recently bought their first home, which they share with two pets: Krieger, a German shepherd who loves making friends with everyone, Solomon, a Maine Coon who would eat his weight in food if he was allowed, and new cat Savannah, a Maine Coon who loves attention. In addition to the furry portion of the family, Jess and her husband had their first child in January 2016 – Amelia, all of the pets love her.

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Veterinary Technician

Emily grew up in Buffalo, New York with four siblings and parents who were huge animal lovers. The family often visited their farm in Pennsylvania, where young Emily fell in love with all sorts of creatures. She’s worked in the veterinary world since she was 16 years old!

Emily’s first job as a Veterinary Assistant proved that she had found the right career field for herself—she hasn’t looked back since. While working at a local PetSmart, she attended school to study Veterinary Technology and biology, then became the Pet Care Manager at her job after graduating. Two years later, Emily decided to delve into the veterinary world completely, and joined the team here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital in the fall of 2014.

Emily’s favorite part of her job is not knowing what may walk through the door on any given day. Every shift is different, and it keeps her on her toes! Emily also has a special passion for working with aggressive animals.

In her time away from work, Emily enjoys baking, reading, running, and spending time with her own pets at home. Emily’s fur-family includes two dogs named Diesel and Mackenzie; Mulligan, who is the sweetest cat in the world but has a forever-grumpy face; and Wyatt, a cat who spends the majority of his time on Emily’s couch.

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Veterinary Technician

Kacey has adored pets since she was very young, and always knew the veterinary world would be perfect for her. Ever since discovering the Veterinary Technician profession during high school, she knew it was just the right fit! Now, she’s a Licensed Veterinary Technician here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital.

A native of Lansing, Kacey received her Veterinary Technician’s licensure in 2008 before signing on at a local veterinary center, where she gained invaluable critical-care experience. She then served at another pet hospital for three years and developed interests in anesthesia and dentistry work. After being contacted by one of Patterson Veterinary Hospital’s veterinarians about an open position, Kacey joined the clinic team in the spring of 2015.

Currently, Kacey is studying to earn her Bachelor’s degree in business management. She lives with her boyfriend, her young daughter Savannah, two cats named JJ and Snowball, and a Chihuahua named Lilly who has taken quite kindly to Kacey’s daughter.

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