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Dr. Theresa Driscoll

Owner, Veterinarian

In 1991, Dr. Theresa Driscoll started training her dog for search and rescue operations. By the end of the winter, she realized that while she loved working with animals, training wasn’t what she wanted to do full-time. Cocooned in a snow cave during a weekend training session, something dawned on Dr. Driscoll: becoming a veterinarian was the perfect way to combine her love of animals with a rewarding career!

Dr. Driscoll grew up in San Diego and attended school in northern California for her pre-veterinary requirements. She was accepted into Michigan State University for veterinary school and graduated with the class of 2000. In the spring of 2014, Dr. Driscoll joined the Patterson Veterinary Hospital family.

At home, Dr. Driscoll lives with four pets of her own. Griffin, a Maltese, was one of the pups in the litter of Dr. Driscoll’s first C-section. Merlin the Havanese is a professional sock thief, and two cats named Oscar and Simon round out the furry portion of the family.

Traveling is Dr. Driscoll’s favorite thing to do when she isn’t caring for pets at her clinic—she absolutely adores meeting new people, learning about other cultures, and immersing herself in history. Rafting through the Grand Canyon and kayaking in Antarctica were two of her all-time favorite adventures.

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Photo of Dr. Theresa  Driscoll

Dr. Catherine Collins

Associate Veterenarian

Dr. Catherine Collins lived behind a veterinary clinic while she was growing up, and was always fascinated by the work that was performed there. She was also exposed to the animal-care industry thanks to her mother’s small-dog boarding and grooming business. Combined with a natural love for the sciences, Dr. Collins’ early pet experiences led her to one conclusion: a career in the world of veterinary medicine was her true calling!

Dr. Collins attended Michigan State University to receive both her undergraduate degree and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She fell in love with Lansing immediately, and has wanted to stay in the area ever since! Dr. Collins joined the Patterson Veterinary Hospital family in August of 2015, and holds special interests in soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery. For her, every day brings a new challenge—there are always fresh opportunities to learn and grow.

Most of Dr. Collins’ free time is occupied by her and her husband’s toddler and the family’s two cats, Magnus and Nocturne. When she does have a spare moment, she is an avid exerciser and even runs triathlons. The biggest race Dr. Collins has done so far was the International Triathlon event in Chicago, which she ran when she was 17 weeks pregnant!

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Photo of  Dr. Catherine  Collins

Dr. Jason Dollman-Jersey

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jason Dollman-Jersey was fascinated by science and animals while growing up, and never stopped looking for books to read or documentaries to watch on the subjects. As he grew older, his curiosity for medicine started to blossom. For Dr. Dollman-Jersey, a career in veterinary medicine allows him to fulfill all of these interests while being able to help others on a daily basis!

Raised right here in Mason, Dr. Dollman-Jersey began his veterinary career at Patterson Veterinary Hospital almost 15 years ago—he came in and shadowed Dr. Patterson when he was younger, and began working as a paid employee shortly afterward. After high school, Dr. Dollman-Jersey headed to Michigan State University to study pre-veterinary medicine and zoology, then earned a second Bachelor’s degree in animal science. Finally, he was accepted into Michigan State’s veterinary program and earned his Doctorate before becoming an Associate Veterinarian here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Dollman-Jersey and his wife—Dr. Angela Katafiasz, who is also an Associate Veterinarian here at the hospital—live with many pets of their own. They have two dogs, Leonidas and Taffy, both of whom serve as excellent surrogate parents for the many kittens that Dr. Dollman-Jersey and Dr. Kat foster. The family is rounded out by a trio of horses: Cherokee, an Appaloosa; a paint gelding named Chippewa; and Ivy, a paint mare. Dr. Dollman-Jersey and his wife also plan on adding a small flock of ducks to their ranks very soon!

Thanks to his life-long association with the Boy Scouts, Dr. Dollman-Jersey enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and shooting in his spare time. He also likes reading a good book and enjoying craft beer.

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Photo of  Dr. Jason  Dollman-Jersey

Dr. Anne Fitzgerald

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dr. Anne Fitzgerald was exposed to medicine and animal care very early in life. Her father was a pathologist, and her mother taught environmental education and served as a small-scale wildlife rehabilitator. For Dr. Anne, a career in veterinary medicine simply felt natural!

In the late 1970s, Dr. Fitzgerald was fortunate enough to spend a summer with one of the first women to practice veterinary medicine in Michigan—Dr. Suzanne Jacoby, a refugee from the Holocaust and one of the most inspirational people Dr. Fitzgerald has met. After her adventures alongside Dr. Jacoby, Dr. Fitzgerald was accepted into Michigan State University’s veterinary program to earn her Doctorate. She spent two years after graduation in mixed practice in New Hampshire (where pulling porcupine quills out of pets was a regular occurrence), three years in small-animal work in Pennsylvania, five as the University Laboratory Animal Veterinarian at Purdue University, and 15 years in human drug research and development at the Pfizer corporation in Ann Arbor. After hearing from a neighbor that Dr. Patterson needed some help around the clinic, Dr. Fitzgerald joined the hospital staff in 2009.

Dr. Fitzgerald is board-certified by the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, and has had specialized experience and certification in toxicology. She particularly enjoys ophthalmology and cardiology work, and loves the fascinating relationships between pets and their families.

Dr. Fitzgerald and her husband, who works as a veterinary pathologist, have one grown daughter and live with one pet of their own: Sammy, a Pembroke Welsh corgi who enjoys chasing semi trucks. In her time away from the clinic, Dr. Fitzgerald enjoys reading, birding with her husband, walking Sammy, and enjoying beautiful northern Michigan. She has a love-hate relationship with knitting.

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Photo of  Dr. Anne  Fitzgerald

Dr. Phillip Gill

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Phillip Gill grew up on a horse farm in southeastern Michigan, where a love of animals was instilled in him early on in life. Coupled with his love of the earth’s creatures, Dr. Gill’s fascination with physiology, biology, and medicine led him to one conclusion: a career working with animals was the perfect choice for him!

Dr. Gill attended Michigan State University to receive both his undergraduate degree and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He worked here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital immediately after graduation, from 1999 to 2001, then returned at the end of 2006 per Dr. Patterson’s request. Dr. Gill has special passions for diagnostic work and using the tools at his disposal to solve the riddle of a pet’s ailment, and he also loves the constantly evolving nature of the veterinary field.

Dr. Gill and his family live in Mason with two dogs, a pair of guinea pigs, a rabbit, a cat, and a snake. Most of Dr. Gill’s free time is spent coaching or cheering on his four sons in their various athletic activities. Some of his proudest moments as a father came when his kids were selected to top-tier traveling teams!

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Photo of  Dr. Phillip  Gill

Dr. Angela Katafiasz

Associate Veterinarian

When she was very little, Dr. Angela Katafiasz was asked by her parents what she wanted to be when she grew up. She responded that she would like to be someone who plays with animals all day long, so her parents suggested that she become a vet. Dr. Katafiasz never looked back—now, she’s a licensed veterinarian here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital!

A native of Ohio, Dr. Katafiasz—Dr. Kat to her coworkers and clients—attended Michigan State University to earn her undergraduate degree in animal science, her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, and a Master’s degree in food safety. She began here at the clinic just after finishing her DVM requirements, and completed her Master’s during her first year of work. Medically, Dr. Kat enjoys diagnostic imaging work and the challenge of neonatal care; she suspects that her fascination with infant care stems from her high-school days, when she fostered her very first litter of kittens.

Dr. Katafiasz and her husband—Patterson Veterinary Hospital’s very own Dr. Jason Dollman-Jersey—share their lives with three horses, a pair of dogs named Taffy and Leonidas, several cats and a few ducks. When she isn’t spending time with her family and pets or tending to the area’s animals here at the hospital, Dr. Kat loves cheering on her beloved Michigan State Spartans at every home football game. She also enjoys serving as the veterinarian for the Ingham County Fair, where she gets to dust off her large-animal knowledge and help teach children about animal health and welfare.

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Photo of  Dr. Angela  Katafiasz

Dr. Julie Robinson

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Julie Robinson spent a lot of time on her grandparents’ Saline, Michigan farm while growing up, and it was there that her adoration for animals was born. Her life-long fascination with science, the natural world, and the intense bonds between humans and animals made one thing very clear: Dr. Robinson was destined for a career in the animal-care industry! She’s been a member of the Patterson Veterinary Hospital team for over a decade.

Dr. Robinson is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the liberal arts from the University of Michigan. Just before she planned on starting law school, Dr. Robinson spent a semester teaching at a school for field studies, which reminded her of her innate love for science. The pull of the veterinary field didn’t let up—Dr. Robinson decided to change her path and signed up for veterinary school shortly thereafter.

Dr. Robinson joined the Patterson Veterinary Hospital family in 2004. She’s especially fond of doing behavior consultations to make pet owners’ lives more enjoyable, exploring and supporting the human-animal connection, and using alternative care methods to improve pets’ quality of life. Most of all, she likes developing personal relationships with clients and their pets to facilitate a true bond between caregiver and pet owner.

In her time away from work, Dr. Robinson enjoys hiking, swimming, biking, and practicing yoga. She lives with her husband and five children; as a family, they enjoy traveling, playing together, cooking, and gardening.

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Photo of  Dr. Julie  Robinson

Dr. Carolyn Scholl

Associate Veterinarian

The challenges of training and caring for her Dalmatian puppy, Pongo, during middle school inspired Dr. Carolyn Scholl to become a veterinary professional. Although Pongo would regularly chew up her shoes, Dr. Scholl’s persistence didn’t waver—her love of animal behavior and the sciences simply wouldn’t quit!

Originally from Saline, Michigan, Dr. Scholl took her pre-veterinary courses at Michigan State University before earning her DVM degree at Ross University in the West Indies. She then completed her clinical year of veterinary school at Purdue University in Indiana. In the fall of 2013, Dr. Scholl joined the Patterson Veterinary Hospital team and couldn’t be happier to work alongside her talented and compassionate coworkers in a welcoming, family-centered atmosphere.

At home, Dr. Scholl lives with four pets of her own: Willie the cat enjoys licking the faucet after Dr. Scholl has turned off the water; Anna Belle, also a cat, loves receiving attention and chasing her laser pointer; Ginger, a dog adopted from the island of St. Kitts, loves sunbathing on hot days; and Elvis, a newly adopted terrier mix, loves playing with his squeaky toy.

When she has time outside of work, Dr. Scholl enjoys swimming, gardening, bicycling, and running. She’s also served as a veterinarian in the Army Reserves since 2014.

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Photo of  Dr. Carolyn  Scholl

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