When it comes to keeping your animal companion healthy and fit, it takes a team. That team, led by you, includes experienced doctors and support staff who are dedicated to the cause. At Patterson Veterinary Hospital – Mason, we consider it a true honor to serve you and your four-legged family member. That’s why we’ve put so much time and effort into developing a system of care that will meet all of your pet’s health needs.

Our services are built upon a foundation of wellness and preventative medicine. This allows us to stay on top of your companion’s wellbeing. Of course, should the need for medical attention arise for your pet, we’re prepared to handle that as well. We offer everything from advanced diagnostics to surgical care to laser therapy and more. Whatever your loved one needs, we’ll be here to deliver.

The comprehensive animal health care services available to patients of Patterson Veterinary Hospital – Mason include, but are not limited to:

• Wellness Care
• Vaccinations
• Wellness Packages
• Allergies & Dermatology
• Nutrition & Weight Management
• Dentistry
• Laboratory
• Digital Radiology
• Laser Therapy
• General Surgery
• Microchipping

To learn more about any of our main services, please see below.

Wellness & Vaccinations

Why is wellness care so important? If my pet is acting fine, do I really need to keep that scheduled appointment? The answer is yes, and here’s why: Because animals age much more rapidly than humans, medical conditions can also progress at an accelerated rate. If we don’t take measures to prevent and catch diseases early, your pet may not experience the full, happy life he or she deserves. That’s why wellness visits should be an essential part of your companion’s health care plan. Patterson Veterinary Hospital offers wellness plans for pets of all breeds and ages.

Allergies & Dermatology

There are literally hundreds of different ailments that can affect the skin of our pets. Some conditions start from within and manifest themselves through external symptoms. Others are topical issues that require medical attention. In either case, if your pet is experiencing a dermatological problem, it may be negatively impacting his or her quality of life. At Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason, we offer professional pet allergy and dermatology services to treat and manage a wide spectrum of conditions. We’ll work toward a timely and accurate diagnosis so we can help return your pet to full health, inside and out.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Have you noticed your four-legged friend packing on a few extra pounds? Do you find choosing a pet food to be a confusing and challenging task? You don’t have to tackle this important topic alone! The professionals at Patterson Veterinary Hospital are here to help. Nutritional recommendations and diet plans are available to support healthy development as well as to manage certain medical conditions. Additionally, our weight management services are designed to get your loved one in tip-top shape. A fit, healthy pet is a happy companion. Let’s get your furry friend on the right path to total wellness!


For many illnesses and injuries that can affect our pets, an external exam isn’t always enough to reach a definitive diagnosis. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play. Similar to the tools used in human medicine, diagnostics allow our vets to get a glimpse inside your companion’s body. This provides the opportunity to identify, diagnose and address medical issues in a more timely and effective manner. Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason offers an extensive list of routine and advanced diagnostic services. We’ll get the answers we need fast, improving the chances of a positive outcome for your pet.


You may know that caring for your pet’s teeth is important, but did you know doing so could add years to his or her life? Without adequate care, your pet’s mouth can become a haven for dangerous plaque and bacteria. Over time, this buildup can lead to other medical problems throughout your companion’s entire body. By keeping on top of your pet’s oral health care, you can prevent these risks, extending the time you share together. Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason wants to support you in this crucial endeavor. We offer a full range of preventative and advanced pet dentistry services as well as support for in-home dental care. Let’s make your pet’s oral health a priority!


Making the decision to allow a loved one to undergo surgery is never easy. In fact, bringing your pet in for an operation can be a stressful experience for you both. At Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason, we understand how challenging this time is for you and we want to ease your mind as much as possible. Our surgical care is second to none because we place the safety and comfort of our patients as our top priority. Whether your companion is with us for a simple spay or neuter, or a more complex procedure, you can feel confident in our exceptional care. Questions or concerns? Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss all of your pet’s surgical care needs.

Laser Therapy

At Patterson Veterinary Hospital - Mason, we feel that when it comes to the care of your most cherished companion, you deserve as many choices as possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to include laser therapy as part of our comprehensive suite of services. The laser uses painless waves of light to treat areas of the body that are experiencing pain or have suffered trauma. This triggers the body’s natural pain control and healing mechanisms. As a result, our patients can enjoy decreased pain, enhanced mobility and shorter recovery periods. Does your pet have a medical condition, like arthritis? Has a recent injury or surgery slowed your companion down? Reach out today to learn whether laser therapy could help.

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