Nutrition & Weight Management

Have you noticed your four-legged friend packing on a few extra pounds? Do you find choosing a pet food to be a confusing and challenging task?

You don’t have to tackle this important topic alone! The professionals at Patterson Veterinary Hospital are here to help. Nutritional recommendations and diet plans are available to support healthy development as well as to manage certain medical conditions. Additionally, our weight management services are designed to get your loved one in tip-top shape.


Customized Diet Plans

The food you provide your pet can mean the difference between merely surviving and living life to the fullest. It’s important that we identify what your pet’s unique nutritional needs are so we can develop a diet that meets them most effectively. We’ll start by conducting a thorough analysis, including your companion’s breed, age, weight, health status and lifestyle. All of these things will help us determine what food product would help your loved one maintain optimum wellness.


Weight Management Services

A chubby pet may look adorable, but those extra pounds could be placing your best friend in harm’s way. Likewise, a pet who doesn’t weigh enough may be more prone to illness or injury. We want to keep that little critter as happy and healthy as possible, and it starts with maintaining the proper weight. Our detailed health analysis will help us to identify the range that would be ideal for your particular pet. We can then develop a strategy to achieve that goal.


Lifelong Maintenance

Once we’ve created a diet and exercise plan for your pet, we must check back from time to time to make sure it’s still working. As your pet ages, his or her health care needs will inevitably change. We may need to make certain adjustments to food and physical activity levels as these changes occur. We will advise you when we feel it may be time to re-assess our approach.

A fit, healthy pet is a happy companion. Let’s get your furry friend on the right path to total wellness! Call today to get started!

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